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Soul Retrieval

Autumn Magiera
Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Practitioner
Trained by Sandra Ingerman

"Shamans describe the soul as the essential self that is unique and can't be replaced by anyone else's soul nor by spiritual energy.”

Soul Loss
We live in a tough world, with lessons that at times seem overwhelming. Spirit understands this, and gives us a way to avoid the full impact of the pain of trauma, abuse, grief over the loss of a loved one, or longstanding hardship. That “way out” is to allow part of your soul (psyche or essence) to split off from the rest of you and flee to spiritual dimensions. When it does this, it goes into “soul loss”, i.e., disconnecting from your physical, emotional and mental levels. That means you have no way of communicating with it or accessing the strengths it has. It often results in a dysfunctional way of life because you have to adapt to being less whole and having fewer strengths with which to work. When a soul part leaves, it can't come back on its own. It has to wait until you have more say over your life, and someone with soul retrieving ability can intervene on your behalf. Soul retrieval is a shamanic process that returns those parts to you.  

Soul Loss Symptoms
Missing soul qualities such as compassion, decisiveness, joy; difficulty concentrating; pervasive fears; feeling less whole, fragmented or empty; addictions; feeling alienated from life, less alive or sleep walking through life; co-dependence; long-term grief or depression; noticeably different after trauma; dissociation; psychological work without improvement; less able to express yourself in areas that used to be easy; difficulty acting on thoughts.
The Soul Retrieval Process
Spiritual dimensions are every bit as real as this physical dimension is. They merely have different ways of maneuvering through them. Using shamanic journeying to venture into spiritual dimensions, my spirit guides and I retrieve the soul parts that can best heal what is most useful for you at this time. We then help you integrate them into the totality of your being. This involves quick and gentle ways of healing the pain or emptiness you want released, helping you change dysfunctional patterns into functional ones and fully access the new strengths the soul part brings you. Also involved is your paying attention to the soul part and consciously working with it and its strengths on a daily basis. The entire integration process may take as little as a few days, but usually no more than a month. Results of soul retrievals are often magical, transformative and so innate that you may wonder how you could ever have had problems! Further integration work is recommended but not necessary follow up sessions are available in small groups or individually

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Please allow two hours for this treatment and time afterwards in which you can process and journal. It is highly recommended that you refrain from alcohol 24 hours before or after this treatment. Please call Autumn (316) 648-3030 with any questions.  

Some History about Soul Retrieval

Sandra Ingerman
, author of "Soul Retrieval" and my beloved teacher emphasizes the necessity of follow-up work. She says, “The method of soul retrieval is pretty simple. Bridging the ancient practice of soul retrieval into a modern day psychologically sophisticated culture is not.” 

Here are the reasons for the difference between ancient and modern ways:  In tribal cultures, soul loss seldom lasted more than a few days without the shaman doing a soul retrieval. Full integration was immediate because the person didn’t have a chance to develop dysfunctions. In our modern culture, however, soul loss has often lasted for decades. Consequently, we've had to adapt to soul loss by adopting dysfunctional beliefs, attitudes and habits. These need healing during integration follow-ups.

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