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Nestled in Downtown Lawrence, Kansas at 14th and Massachusetts, Elevate is Lawrence’s premier massage and energetic healing center. We offer an array of massage services for individuals, couples, athletes and everyday people. Locally connected and globally conscious we strive to elevate and honor the human experience.

We'd like to welcome Jessica to Elevate. Jessica Crockett was born and raised in Lawrence, KS. She was introduced to Massage and Energy work, while working at a retreat center in Hawaii. It was the magic of the Islands that brought her to her spiritual awakening and calling as a healer. Jessica began her training in Shamanic healing, Enlightenment, Massage and Herbal studies in both Kansas and Hawaii in 1998. She was formerly trained in Hawaii and received Certification in Lomi Lomi and Massage in 2000 and 2001. She furthered her path as an intuitive healer and was initiated as a Shaman under the Peruvian Quero lineage in 2014. Jessica is the owner of Merkaba Organic Body, a body spirit care line of Crystal infused Elixirs designed to help nourish both body and spirit. In her healing practice, Jessica intuitively combines different Shamanic and Massage techniques to help remove unwanted energy/tension and restore holistic balance. Merkaba Organic Body Elixirs are utilized in these practices as well. In her free time, Jessica loves to spend time with her three daughters Inca, Maya and Azteca. She is a lover of mystery and likes to learn the secrets of different healing cultures. She loves interpreting dreams and photography.

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60 minute Lomi Lomi massage $80.00
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The School Fund:

Pauline loves chemistry and hopes to become a doctor.  Her favorite classes are biology and chemistry.  She is from Kenya and will be graduating in the class of 2016.  Pauline's favorite book is, “When the Sun Goes Down”.  She lives with her mother, two brothers, and two sisters.  Her mother is jobless and cannot sustain her children's needs.  The School Fund's field partner for Pauline is Wema Children's Centre and she has been totally funded for this year. Thank you for your support!

Sheila is a student from Kenya, her mother passed away when she was two years old.  She stays with her unemployed father.  She has two sisters, three brothers, one grandfather, and one grandmother.  She will be graduating in the class of 2020.  Sheila's favorite classes are Science and Kiswahili.  Her favorite book is, “Fatuma the Genie”.  She wants to be a lecturer after she finishes school.  Her favorite hobby is playing netball.  She is also supported by the Wema Children's Centre and is funded for the rest of this year. Thank you!

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